The location of the DJ and equipment can make a huge difference in the overall success of the entertainment. Here are some tips!

Allocate an area where the DJ can be right in front of the dance floor, centered.
Sound seems louder the closer you get to the speakers. Dancing and loud music mix. Talking and loud music don’t. By centering the DJ on the dance floor, the dancing guests enjoy a louder stereo sound, and the seated guests can escape the loud music and talk. It also creates an opportunity for a better connection between the guests and the DJ because the DJ can “read the crowd” easier. The closer the DJ is to the dancing guests, the better.

Long enough tables and linens
If you’re renting tables and linens, provide the DJ with a table at least 6′ in length and with linens that reach the floor. The linens are used to hide unsightly wires and cases. It also provides a place for photographers and videographers a place to hide their cases and equipment. Less clutter makes for better pictures and a relaxing environment. We can provide a table and/or linens on request.

Avoid setting up the DJ in front of doors or bathrooms.

Avoid setting up the DJ in direct sunlight.

Make sure the DJ is near grounded outlets.

Avoid setting up the DJ directly in front of or too close to seated guests.

Accommodate older guests by seating them further away from the DJ area.

You can always call us at 1-800-516-3632 for more information and suggestions on this topic! We look forward to helping you create some of your favorite memories!