Eclipse DJ Entertainers™ makes event planning simple, with our Online Planning System.

Working together, we create a timeline for your event, planning all the announcements, special dances, as well as preparing your Cocktail Hour, Dinner Music and any other applicable Dance Playlist(s). Access to this service is simple:

Let’s get started:

Frequently Asked Questions:

– How do I get my password?
Just click on “Don’t have one yet?”, and we’ll create your password.
– What if the song isn’t in the database?
Just click on “custom song” and enter whatever you would like. We’ll download it!
– How do I get in touch with my DJ?
About 30 days before your event, we’ll send you an email with the DJ’s contact information so you can set-up a call to go over all the information you entered into the online planning system.

Important note! Make sure your planner isn’t opened in multiple browser windows! You can accidentally save a blank form over all your work! Always save and close the browser window when you are done.