DJ Mike DeSoto

Bassist by Day, DJ by Night

DJ Mike DeSoto – DJ/Emcee

DJ Mike DeSoto, Philadelphia DJFor the past decade, Mike DeSoto has been igniting stages with his band’s electrifying performances. However, it was during those in-between moments, when DJ sets filled the air, that a new passion began to brew within him. Intrigued by the art of mixing tracks and the DJ’s ability to control the energy of the room, Mike decided to give it a shot.DJ Mike DeSoto, Wedding DJ

As he delved into DJing, Mike discovered a thrilling new world where he could connect with audiences in a whole new way. The challenge of reading the crowd, anticipating their reactions, and crafting the perfect playlist on the fly became his new obsession. He loves the spontaneity it offers, the way he can pivot from one song to the next to keep the vibe just right, and the joy of fulfilling song requests that get everyone dancing.

Now, Mike’s DJ sets are a highlight, blending his live band experience with his newfound DJ skills to create unforgettable musical experiences. His journey from band member to DJ is a testament to his dedication to music and his desire to keep exploring new ways to entertain and connect with his audience.


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