DJ and Emcee Teams: Do you really need Two People?

You’re shopping for a DJ/Emcee in the sea of seemingly endless options, and it’s nothing short of overwhelming. You realize the DJ makes or breaks or breaks your wedding, and all you know is you want your special day to be exactly as you dream it to be. So you discover a few DJ entertainment services that offer DJ and Emcee teams. Seems like a good idea, doesn’t in? More people, more minds, and of course, MORE MONEY! You can be assured we know how to DJ and Emcee at the same time, and we do it perfect!

But how?

Imagine a guitarist that also sings. Well, that’s exactly what we do. Because we DJ so often, our equipment becomes a extension of our body, just as a guitar is to a singer. We actually prefer to run a wedding solo because intricate details don’t get forgotten. In addition, our DJs know how to properly speak on a microphone and not sound “cheesy”.

But, how can a DJ manage an event and play music at the same time?

There’s a few times (maybe 3 times) throughout a wedding where a DJ needs to walk away from the DJ booth, such as to line up the wedding party for introductions. How can the DJ play music at the same time? Easy! Our state-of-the-art software can go into “automix” mode, so a selection of music will continue playing as certain event management tasks are handled! There is one reason, and one reason only why a DJ wouldn’t want to emcee as well, and that’s because the DJ probably has an awful voice!

When Eclipse™ looks for top Philadelphia DJ talent, we look at several factors, such as overall DJ skill and mic skills! A DJ that does it all makes for a better experience. After all, most of the mic work is done during the first 30 minutes of the wedding, for things like introductions, and basic announcements such as parent dances. After dinner, the DJ has one focus: What is the absolute best possible song to play to keep the crowd dancing. Do you really want a emcee speaking non-stop throughout your entire wedding reception? We don’t either. We want EVERYONE DANCING!