Eclipse Entertainers™ offers the same and in most cases, a higher quality service and better talent than many of the “big name” corporate DJ booking agencies you may find in the Philadelphia, PA region.

But how?

It’s simple! Low overhead!

No commission paid or high pressure sales force

No office building. We are internet based and work from our homes.

No expensive billboards or radio advertising

We use world-class DJ equipment with low failure rates and low maintenance costs

100% LED light fixtures for all lighting services that require virtually no maintenance and last practically forever

Near direct-to-DJ-pricing. Most of the “big name” DJ booking agencies pay their DJs about 50% of what you pay. We are collecting a very small fraction of that. That’s why our pricing is over 50% less in most cases!

Not only that, you are getting a DJ that works in this industry for a living, not just on the weekends or a few times a year. Career DJs prefer steady work and a higher volume.

So why would you pay more for equal or lesser quality? Get a price quote today to see how Eclipse Entertainers™ can make your event a legend!