Choosing the right size venue for your guest count can make a huge difference on the energy level of the event. Not too big, not too small, but just right. Dancing is a very social activity and dance energy is a chain reaction. When guests are a little bit closer together, it helps make the dance floor explode with excitement.


Guests like to look at each other, talk, and laugh while dancing.

When guests see other guests dancing, it motivates them to join in.

Guests like to feel like they are blending in, not being watched.

When the venue is too large for the guest count, everyone is spread apart and in a sense, dancing feels awkward. This is because people feel like they are being watched. When everyone is a little bit closer to each other, and the dance floor feels full, people tend to “let go” a little more because they feel like they are blending in.

It’s best to choose a venue that is at 80% capacity or more relative to guest count.

It’s also good to choose a venue with the bar in the same room as the dance floor.

Dimming the lights down also encourages dancing. Make sure the venue has dimmable lights!

Make sure the venue has room for all the guests, dance floor, DJ centered in front of the dance floor, and any other special features such as the cake or a photo booth. Learn more about ideal DJ placement.

Bottom line is, a slightly tighter venue makes for a much “larger” party!