Do you DJ for a living or as a hobby on the weekends only?
Eclipse Entertainers™ DJs either DJ for a living on a day-to-day basis or it’s a very large part of their life. Be careful with DJs that only do a few events per year. Being in the music scene keeps DJs on top of what’s hot and not, and what works and what doesn’t.

Do you actually beat-match/blend the music in time and key or just fade from song to song?
Our DJs are the real-deal, blending the songs in beat, in time, and in key, smooth and transparent. They read the crowd and play what keeps the energy up, and the entertainment level optimized. We don’t just fade from song to song with no rhyme or reason.

Can I see you perform live?
Many of our DJs have weekly bar and nightclub events you can check out. See what you’re REALLY getting, live and in person. Don’t be fooled by companies that won’t let you see them perform live. There’s a reason for it.

Do you have an audio or video demo I can check out?
Our DJs either have a online demo ready or can make one on demand. Our demos are made LIVE with DJ equipment, not with audio editing software. We don’t fake it.

Where do you get your music? Is it legal?
All of our music is obtained legally, and all high bitrate/sample rates/CD quality.

How did you become a DJ?
Our DJs became DJs because they love music, not to just make money. They love being the life of the party. It’s what they live for!

Do you bring back-up equipment?
We have back-up solutions for all technical issues from hard drive failure, to wire failure. Don’t have your wedding entertainment shut down for something as simple as a broken laptop power adapter.

How much do you talk on the mic?
Our DJs speak on the mic, just the right amount. High energy for the introductions, no speaking during dinner unless needed, and a few announcements, and encouragement during dance time. We aren’t obnoxious.

How long have you been in business?
Eclipse Entertainers™ has been in business since 2006. Don’t get stuck with a fly-by-night company that will be gone by the time your wedding day comes around.

What equipment do you use, specifically?
Each DJ has his/her own set of equipment, all professional, state-of-the-art quality. Equipment lists are available on request.

What happens if you get sick or have an emergency?
We always have a back-up DJ on deck, ready to perform a wedding at the drop of a hat. It’s the best part of going with an established booking agency instead of the lone wolves.