Like any good consumer, you’re probably shopping around the internet comparing prices and services with a goal to get the most for your money. The question is, how much is true talent worth? Why does it matter?

It’s easy to overlook the value of quality entertainment until you experience true talent. It’s makes the difference between a mediocre party and an absolutely magical experience.

So what’s so special about Eclipse Entertainers™?

We are…

Entertainment Managers
Every Eclipse DJ manages the timeline of events while keeping in constant communication with photographers, caterers, and the maître d, so can enjoy your event.

Crowd Readers
Eclipse DJ talent is constantly reading the crowd by looking for signs of musical satisfaction to maximize the dance floor activity. From slow, romantic songs, to high energy dance, they are always looking to see what would work best at a particular time, all within your taste.

Beat Match Mixing
Our DJs mix the music in beat, from song to song. They blend smoothly into each other, in beat and in key. Sometimes, it takes a few seconds to realize the song has actually changed.

Sound Professionals
Nothing but the best equipment and audio files are used for premium sound and audio experience, at the right volume.

Professional Voices
Eclipse Emcees speak clearly, in a real voice, and with just the right energy level. They don’t have your typical “cheesy” DJ voice.

Passion for Music
Every Eclipse event is an individual work of art, created for each client by passionate musical artists. Our DJs are happy when you are happy. It’s what they live for.

We here at Eclipse Entertainers™ look forward to creating some of your favorite memories. Give us a call now at 1-800-516-3632. What can we do for you?