The simple answer is: No. There are a lot of factors in creating a crowd and I don’t want to give away too many trade secrets in this blog post, however, here are some things to think about when hiring your next bar/nightclub DJ.

How much are you paying the DJ? It’s easy to overlook the actual cost of being a DJ. Most good DJs bring $10,000 or more in equipment with them in addition to music which by itself costs thousands. How much of that money can the DJ spend on advertising or promotion and still make a decent amount?

The DJ has thousands of Facebook friends! Surely a few hundred will come out! Well, not really. Some of the DJs followers will come out if the following factors are true:

The event is within a comfortable travel distance.

The follower has off from work the next day. Most bar/nightclub events go until 2am.

The event is that particular follower’s “cup of tea”. For example, people that like to dance tend to not come out to a karaoke night and karaoke singers tend not to come out to dance parties.

The follower doesn’t have anything else already planned for that night.

The bar specials are good. People that follow DJs, follow a few DJs. If the follower has two choices of DJs, the bar specials may be the deciding factors.

Will the follower have other friends to mingle with at the venue? “Sometimes, you want to go where everyone knows your name”

Does the DJ play a variety of music accommodating a wide age range and musical tastes?
Eclipse Entertainers™
make a bar/nightclub “sticky”, which means people will stick around and ultimately spend more money. We interact, connect, and build within over time. We learn musical tastes, play a variety of music, adapt to a changing crowd, and build friendships. The idea is to create a network of patrons within each venue. This isn’t something that happens overnight, it can take months to years, but once it’s achieved, you have customers for life, which is what you want.

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