We purposely only book a few weddings per weekend so important details are never missed.

You will work directly with our talent, so your event dream becomes reality.

You will also work directly with the owner, not an aggressive and highly paid sales force.

We don’t have heavy overhead costs like expensive office buildings and fancy answering services.  That means our prices are lower.

You call our mobile phones directly when you have a question or need help.

Eclipse Entertainers™ premium level DJ talent perform for a living, not just on the weekends or as a hobby.  It’s something we do day in and day out.  It’s our life and livelihood, which means we take great care in making sure your event is treated as if our own.  We are easy to personally get a hold of, are happy to meet in person, and charge direct to DJ prices.  We, as DJs/Entertainment managers, work with you directly to make sure your event is better than you could even imagine.

Eclipse Entertainers™ premium lighting design team don’t just plug in lights, and flip a switch.  It’s an art and precise skill that takes years to master.

With over 16,000,000 million colors available on modern LED uplight fixtures, and thousands of possible light installation possibilities, our lighting crew match colors exactly and know the tricks-of-the-trade to optimize effects.  Your room will be magical.

You are an individual and have a vision about what your perfect event should be like.  We make that happen, on time, every time.